soup is good.

all I know of love is how to live without it


George Ferrandi

it felt like i knew you…, 2012 - ongoing
I ride the NYC subway trains, usually in the evening when the seats are full. I focus on the shape of the space between the person sitting next to me and myself. I attempt to mentally and emotionally re-sculpt that space. In my mind, I reshape it- from the stiff and guarded space between strangers to the soft and yielding space between friends. I direct all my energy to this space between us. When the space palpably changes, and I completely feel like the stranger sitting next to me is my friend, I rest my head on that person’s shoulder…

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Pine Cone Dust: I'm not racist.


I wouldn’t consider myself racist. I’m capable of making friends with african americans and someone of any race.

but I’m a true believer of the saying “there are black people, and there are niggers”

if you’re going to act obnoxious and like I owe you something, and talk loud as shit, show off…

This is actually the most racist thing I’ve ever read. Fuck you.

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